Spanish Clothing

Spanish Clothing You can find on this page how to talk about the clothes improving your vocabulary. This is necessary when you talk about the appearance of anyone.

Fashion has become an essential topic around the world, although Spanish-speaking countries still conserve their traditional way to dress. It's important to learn the basic Spanish words to talk about clothing. Spanish clothing words are very easy to learn, you will never forget them, because you use several clothes every day. While you dress, you can say the Spanish word of that clothe to practice you Spanish pronunciation.

Clothing in Spanish

English Spanish
coat abrigo
raincoat impermeable
jacket chaqueta
sweater suéter
t-shirt camiseta
pants pantalones
shorts pantalones cortos
bathing suit traje de baño
socks calcetines
shoes zapatos
sneakers zapatillas
boots botas
sandals sandalias
pajamas pijama
cap gorra

  • Charles is wearing a gray coat.
  • Carlos está vistiendo un abrigo gris.

  • Her bathing suit is pretty.
  • Su traje de baño es bonito.

  • I have to buy new pants.
  • Tengo que comprar pantalones nuevos.

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