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Christmas Cartoon Project Winner

A few weeks ago Matt from Chewing Pencils emailed me asking if I could judge his Christmas Cartoons Group Project. Matt had 17 entries submitted (I’ve included links to each below) and gave me the difficult job of choosing one to win.

The choice was difficult (and I’m not just saying that because all judges say that type of thing when announcing a winner) but because I’m not a cartoonist, I wasn’t sure whether to judge it on humor, drawing style, message and lastly because I found something to like in all of the 17 entries! Oh the pressure!

But in the end I narrowed my favorites down to a top five (which I chose for a variety of reasons) and then picked my winner.

The cartoon that I chose was Ming from Artmaker.

I chose it largely because it made me laugh. In fact so did the others in my top five (honorable mentions). They are (in not particular order):

Following are the other 12 entries – all of which were great also. Thanks to Matt and those who entered for the opportunity to participate in this way. I enjoyed the cartoons, found some cool new blogs along the way and am very jealous of your artistic talents!

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