Chocobo Racing Cheats and Cheat Codes, PlayStation

Everytime Story mode is successfully completed a Bonus Character will become unlocked. To play as the character hightlight Squall at the ‘Character Selection’ screen and enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding character.
Complete Game 3 Times – Cid: L1
COmplete Game 4 Times – Mumba (Final Fantasy 8): L2
Complete Game 5 Times – Cloud (Final Fantasy 7): R1
Complete Game 6 Times – Cactuar/Cactrot: R2
Complete Game 7 Times – Aya (Parasite Eve): L1 + L2
Complete Game 8 Times – SD-style Chocobo: R1 + R2

Complete Game 9 Times – IbenSuper Airship: L1 + R1

Complete Game 10 Times – Jack: L2 + R2