Change In 8 Weeks 1. Nutrition Program Of The Week

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the exchange program in eight weeks. In this program, we will broadcast for 8 weeks, nutrition program and training
program. We’re going to go into that week’s nutrition and exercise program every week. Perform the program by working on your own without disrupting the program, disrupting days, meals and exercises. Follow us on our @ SLG @8haftadadegisim Instagram and facebook accounts, catch synergy with your teammates who are going through the same process as you, increase your motivation. Share your change with the #8haftadadegisim tag. Work with us, thin, capture the current spirit of change in 8 weeks, increase your motivation and inspire others.

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First of all, it is worth noting that you are not going to be able to do that. this exercise and meal plan is designed for people who do not have health problems. If you are experiencing a physical ailment, disability, if you are pregnant, have just given birth, have suffered from heart disease or heart surgery, if you have experienced one of the ailments linked to the spine and spine, if you have food allergies or any other foodborne health problems, you should first consult your doctor. The exercise and nutrition recommendations contained herein are completely recommended and are certainly not a treatment.

It is mentioned here that only programs prepared for people who do not have health problems should physically tighten, muscle or lose weight on average, what they need to eat and drink on average.


You need to get an agenda to follow the whole process, the reason is simple. I want you to follow your progress and transmission. If you don’t do that, your motivation will be reduced. So, take your notebook and get the initial measurements first thing. Have a digital scale at home or get a scale right away

• Take the starting kiln and save it with the start date.
• Save start measurements with date. (Measure the sides of the chest, waist, hip, legs- upper legs and arms- with a tape measure for your measurements, save them in your notebook)
• Take a picture. (Take the starting photon with a narrow suit, save the calendar with its date, facing a full size in front of the mirror.)

I am in favor of maintaining healthy and balanced and maintaining the ideal weight, and individuals should be fed by taking enough of each of the five main food groups during the day. It is important to eat everything that comes before us here, not to drink things that do not benefit our bodies without even thinking, but to eat healthy with foods that benefit us with consciousness. I hope you enjoy this food and the nutrition program. This program is a program that can be used to create Because of the weight he gains, he is always aiming to restore his ideal weight by introducing people who live in a nightmare, resentful and unhealthy people with clean and accurate nutrition and exercise awareness. My recipes and nutrition program are never tasteless and painful, but full of unnecessary recipes, but rather mouth watering, nutritious and energizing.

8 Week Change Nutrition Rules

That’s where you need to memorize my rules. There are things I say no, things I say yes to.


  • In season, organic or naturally grown fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Organic or naturally grown meat, fish and poultry products
  • Vegetable proteins, tofu and legumes
  • Eggs
  • Nuts; raw almonds, walnuts, nuts
  • Whole grains


  • Processed, synthetic, packaged products.
  • Artificial sweeteners, aromas
  • Ready sauces
  • All products containing sugar
  • All products made of white flour
  • Chips, snacks
  • Ready-made breakfast cereals
  • Ready juices
  • Fizzy drinks

I know everyone’s taste is different, naturally the foods they love are different. Those who don’t like my recipes here can replace them with foods equivalent to those that are not in the NO table above. Come on, if you’re ready, it’s time to enjoy the Change Program in eight weeks.

Before you begin, review the 1-week list and keep the materials in your home. You will find the recipes in the entire program in the recipes section at the back of the nutrition department. Skipping one of your daily life intensity can degrade your motivation by removing you from the program. Therefore, every week begins to bemake sure the eaves is complete.

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