Spanish Pronunciation

Pronouncing The Spanish X

PRONOUNCING THE SPANISH X Generally, the pronunciation of the letter “X” in Spanish -particularly when it’s found in between two vowels- is very similar to that of its English counterpart (“ks” sound), save for the fact that it is rather softer (less plosive). When preceding another consonant -as in “exponer” (expose), “extradición” (extradition), “exquisito” (exquisite), …

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Pronouncing The Spanish R

PRONOUNCING THE SPANISH R The letter R in Spanish language is not difficult to pronounce, however it can cause some problems especially for those English speakers.Difficulty:VERY EASY Time Required: Approximately15 minutes Here’s How: It is important to remember that there are two R sounds in Spanish: the single “R” and the double “RR” sound. Remember that the single …

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