Cartoon Wars 3 MOD And Guide For Strategic tower defense

Classic tower defense game:

The simple gameplay can be seen on a horizontal screen. The opponent and you have to build towers against each other. Both the kingdoms have to call their armies to attack and stop the enemies.

You have to carefully plan your strategies to defeat the enemy. You need to choose the warriors wisely and as a head, observe the opponent’s weakness. Calling your armies at the right time to use your strength at the right time. The game will end one of the team’s tower has been destroyed. Obviously you do not want to be the one.

A variety of fighters are there like zombies, archers, warriors having the capacity of strengths. All you need to do is choose who to send to fight knowing your opponent. Just explore their skills and power.

New Modes:

1. Fighting against online players will get the strength of your army.

2. Keeping the defense longer to make your team win. At the initial point, you have to choose your seven best players to battle against the enemy.

3. There is a mode of 4v4 to have an exciting match between the squads and collect amazing rewards.

4. The previous version will provide you warriors which can be upgraded with rewards and skills that this game offers.

Fight and receive rewards:

Increasing the difficulty, Cartoon Wars have 200 stages to challenge your fighting skills. Only tactics won’t work. You need to upgrade your skills and equipment to kill the enemy. Moreover, using forgotten warriors to have points and other rewards is an Expedition mode. Chests and Bonus Roulette will also give you attractive items.

Simple graphics:

As a stick man themed game, cartoon wars have not realistic but simple graphics. But from the previous versions, it has improved a lot in quality. Fighting sequences have really cool effects and the bright images give a pleasing effect to the players.


Gamevil’s tower sequence has a lot more to offer in terms of graphics and gameplay as SLGpared to its previous versions. It is a grantee that you will be thrilled to play this game.

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