Body Parts in Spanish

Spanish Body Parts The human body is composed of the head, the superior limbs, inferior limbs and more parts; is very important know the name of all parts of our body and with our list it will be easier to learn.

Everybody learns speaking speak one's mother tongue by repeating common words such as our body parts. The basic Spanish vocabulary includes words of body parts. You can combine these words with some adjectives you handle, e.g. brown hair, blue eye, dirty nail, and so on. People will realize that body parts in Spanish are very easy words to learn, you will soon handle these words. It's advisable to practice with words by making new Spanish sentences with the new Spanish words you learn every day.

Spanish Body Parts

English Spanish English Spanish
hair cabello head cabeza
face cara eye ojo
nose nariz cheek mejilla
mouth boca chest pecho
back espalda stomach estómago
arm brazo shoulder hombro
elbow codo wrist muñeca
hand mano finger dedo
fingernail uña thumb pulgar
leg pierna knee rodilla
ankle tobillo foot pie
toe dedo del pie

  • This woman has beautiful eyes.
  • Esa mujer tiene unos ojos hermosos.

  • I have very long hair.
  • Tengo el cabello muy largo.

  • I wash my face every morning.
  • Me lavo la cara todas las mañanas.

  • I broke my arm.
  • Me rompí mi brazo.

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