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Blogging For Chickens – Last Call

One last post about my Blogging For Chickens Project for the week. The total donated is now up to 80 pairs of chickens donated ($800AU or $600US).

I’ll continue to collect donation for the rest of the weekend but will close it off on Monday morning.

Thanks to all who have made a donation so far – if you’d like to see the chook-o-meter hit triple figures you can do so with a donation either directly to Oxfam or by shooting some money into my PayPal for me to make the donation during the next week (I’ll post a receipt when I do). Full details are in this post.

I’ve also had an email from Oxfam this week saying thank you and saying that this is one of the more interesting fundraisers that they’ve seen. They wanted me to pass on their appreciation to the “That Work” – SLG community for your kindness and generosity.

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