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Blog Crushes

Things have gotten a little heavy in some of the latest comment threads here at “That Work” – SLG so I thought it might be time to put a little love in the air and have some fun.

So I’m suggesting we make the next 7 days about naming our Blog Crushes.

Do you have a crush on another blogger? I don’t mean an actual crush – rather is there a blog or blogger out there that you really admire? Maybe you’re too scared to let them know or are afraid that your admiration is unrequited?

– you like the way they blog
– you find yourself logging onto their blog every day (sometimes more) and staring at their design or drooling over their way with words
– their RSS feed is at the top of your list
– you leave more comments on their blog than you write posts on your own
– you let them know about posts you’ve written in the hope that one day they’ll notice you
– you dream about that elusive spot on their blog roll that you’d love to fill
– every second post you do is about them or their blog

Ok – maybe your crush is as extreme as this – or maybe it’s a little milder – but I want to give people an opportunity to reveal their true love and admiration for the objects of their Blog Crushes.

I’ve done this exercise on other blogs of mine and it’s been a lot of fun.

Here’s how it works.

1. You write a post on your own blog that talks about your blog crush.
2. You can use the above graphic if you’d like.
3. Tell us in the post who the object of your crush is and why you have it. Is it their design, their humor, their prolific posting rate, their traffic levels, their humility….etc
4. Include a link to this post in your post to point your readers to where I’ll be compiling a full list of who has a crush on who (with a link to both you and the one you have a crush on).
5. Then come to this post and leave a comment below telling us that you’ve posted so I can link up.

It’s as simple as that.

The first time I did this exercise we ended up with a list of over 100 great blogs. Some of the ‘crushees’ and ‘crushers’ actually made friends through the process – one or two people even made some introductions between ‘crushees’ and ‘crushers’ and we all found some great new blogs that we’d never heard of before through the process. Lastly it was interesting to see what people wrote about what they liked in other blogs – reading reasons given was an illuminating thing in and of itself.

So give it a go – at the very least its a fun way to promote your own site a little by getting a link from this post.

Here are the Blog Crushes so far!

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