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Big Changes in the Top 20 Most Popular LMS Rankings

“That Works” – SLG’s quarterly update of our Top 20 LMS Infographic reflects some huge changes in the learning management software market. So what does this mean for the ranking of the most popular LMS systems?

Since the last update in June the eLearning industry has been shaken up with the loss and acquisition of several major players, and our new rankings reflect that.

Explanations for the changes are below, but first, here are the new rankings, with previous ranks in parentheses:

  1. Moodle (1)
  2. Edmodo (2)
  3. Blackboard (4)
  4. SkillSoft (10)
  5. Schoology (6)
  6. Cornerstone (9)
  7. Collaborize Classroom (7)
  8. SuccessFactors (8)
  9. Instructure (11)
  10. D2L (13)
  11. Litmos (15)
  12. DigitalChalk (16)
  13. Interactyx (14)
  14. Meridian (17)
  15. Latitude Learning (18)
  16. Docebo (12)
  17. Educadium (19)
  18. Rcampus (20)
  19. eLogic (new)
  20. BIS Training Solutions (new)

You’ll notice quite a bit of difference from our last infographic due to several events.

First, Skillsoft and SumTotal Systems, two of the largest corporate LMSs, are now one-and-the-same after the former finalized its acquisition of the latter.  This also boosted Skillsoft’s ranking from #10 all the way to #4.

The other big news in the space is the bankruptcy and removal of our previous #3, ConnectEDU.

Both of these moves served to open up two new slots in our Top 20 list, which have been filled by eLogic, and BIS Training Solutions, respectively.

Finally, you’ll notice our previous #13, Desire2Learn, is now up at spot #10 and has been rebranded as “D2L.”

There’s plenty of other movement among the rankings, and you’ll notice several contenders have gained higher positions.  That said, these changes are due mainly to the acquisition and bankruptcy news mentioned above.

Whether these shifts auger any wider trends in the LMS industry remains to be seen, but Skillsoft’s purchase of SumTotal  does seem to point to a future of closer integration between talent management and learning management, at least as far as enterprise-level LMSs go.

Your take?

Does anything in these rankings of the most popular LMSs surprise you?  Do you think these changes hint at the direction of the market, or are they one-offs?  Add your thoughts in the comments!

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