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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Beware of ‘My’ Comment Spam on Your Blog

This week I’ve had four readers email to tell me that they’ve received comment spam on their blogs from someone using my name. The comments say something about how their blog is really getting better and/or that I’m enjoying it. The link left goes to a Penis Enlargement site (or some other dubious site).

While I’m not sure whether to be flattered or embarrassed to be associated with the Penis Enlargement industry I do wish to put out the warning that not all may be as it seems when you see a comment from me on your blog. I guess this tactic of using the names of real bloggers is another attempt by spammers to get their comments through moderation – I just hope Akismet don’t blackban my name as I’m sure a lot of these comments are going to be marked as spam.

PS: if you get one of these comments feel free to shoot me an email with the comment, link and the IP address of the commenter as I’d be interested to have someone attempt to track down the person using my name in this way.

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