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Troubleshoot Tips.
Crashes when entering Garage or Event (Android/iOS)
Torque Drift doesn’t run reliably on devices with 1024MB of RAM.
They’re constantly optimizing Torque Drift to Run Better on more devices. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to stay informed.

Lagging/Poor Framerate (Android/iOS).
Go to Settings> Quality > and set to the Lowest Quality Settings.

Device gets Hot / Drain Battery (Android/iOS).
Go to Settings> Quality > and set to the Lowest Quality Settings and Turn on Conserve Battery.

Lost my Progress (Android/iOS).
Make sure you are logged into google play or gamecenter with the correct account and are connected to the internet.
Logout from the profile settings menu and try to login again. If you still don’t have your account then please submit a bug report.

Transfer my Progress to a New Device (Android/iOS).
Make sure you are logged into google play or gamestore on the same account as your other device.
Logging in should download your existing account.
If your new device is already logged into a new account, attempt to logout through the profile settins menu first.


Feels like there is no chase car on lead runs (there might not be I don’t know how the game works.) When in the chase position and the lead car messes up it affects you more than them because that is the only source of points. It says all the parts are going to be delivered and they are counting down but when you purchase them it also has a timer for delivery.

Not a clear way to purchase body kits and wheels but it is a beta so not everything is in the game. The good: The game is very addicting and fun. You have to grind for cars and they aren’t just given out The graphics are really good for mobile. (Some shadows are off it feels like) The battles can get really intense. Cars are done really well (especially the pro cars) I’m really excited for the full release and can’t wait to see where they take this game. I also don’t know if this is where I post this so sorry if it is not.

Torque Drift Redeem Code: openbeta (Limited Time Only!).
Google Play for Android

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