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You can rebirth at stage 20 or higher and you will gain souls upon rebirth.
Character’s levels become 1 after rebirth, but they can be stronger with souls.
All assets remain, except levels and cleansing stones.
Every rebirth, the Dragon Maiden’s Cleansing Crystal making time gets faster by 1 second (Up to 50 seconds).
Rebirth when an adventure progress gets slow.

Shop: You can purchase various items to improve your progress.
Camera View: There are 3 different views that you can choose. Pick the views that you prefer.
Character Portrait: Up to 5 character portraits will be shown. Touch the portraits to level up the characters with Cleansing Crystals.
The Dragon Maiden: She collects cleansing crystals at set time intervals. When she fails, it’s a game over.
Portal Opening: Opens a portal and bypasses stages quickly. Opening a portal uses Spirit of Nature.
Maiden Prayer: Uses energy to increase part’s ATK and DEF for a duration.
Healing Touch: Uses energy to heal party’s HP.
Dungeons: You have to rebirth at least once to enter. Different dungeons have different rewards.
Weapons: You can obtain weapons through various methods. You can swap and level up the weapons  to make your characters even stronger.
Characters: You can use special currencies and clear stages to obtain characters.
You can use souls to rank up the characters or upgrade their skills.
Rankings: You can check your rank on stages, dungeons and various features in the game.
Mailbox: You can check notices and mails.
Achievements: There is a list of achievements available. Once you must meet the requirements you will receive rewards.
Settings: You can change the game’s settings including resetting your account, adjusting sounds, and managing your account.
Cleansing Crystals: You can obtain Cleansing Crystals by defeating monsters, from the dragon maiden, or as rewards from playing. It is used to level up the Characters.
Gems: You can obtain Gems from events rewards from playing, or from the shop. It is used to purchase items at the shop.
Stage Info: It shows the current stage you are in and indicates where the boss stage is.
Buffs: You can check battle speed, movement speed and other buffs currently applied.
Account Info: You can check various information about your party, economic bonuses, and party bonuses.

A Guide for a New Knight.

Chapter 1
Savior Saga is your adventure as a knight to search for Dragon Heart to wake up a dragon in a deep sleep.

Since the adventure is quite dangerous, there will be a lot of difficulties in the beginning.

To overcome the difficulties, you will need to use currencies from your adventure.
The currencies from your adventure as a knight are as follows!

Cleansing Crystals
– It is obtained while proceeding the game.
※ It is obtained through various ways, such as slaying monsters and from the Dragon Maiden.
– It is used to level up characters.

– It is obtained through rebirth.
– It is used to rank up characters and level up character skills.

– It is a rare currency, obtained through game progress and payment.
※ It is obtained through various ways, such as events, payments, and game progress.
– Use it to purchase items and buffs at the Shop.
– Use it for proceeding the game easily.

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