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Best Tips for Daily Redeem Gift Codes, Idle Resource Management, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Happiness Bonus.
For each business you buy in the service sector, happiness bonus (at the top) increases.
When you increase Happiness Bonus, all 5 service sector business make more profits.

Become a Manufacturer
Your fame is growing! It’s time to expand your investments on facebook.

your factories produce materials along with money.
you can use Materials in the City Facilities menu. Go there when you feel like.

It’s time to expand to the energy production investments.

Energy Resource.
Your Power Plants produce Energy. Energy is used in the “City Facilities” Menu in order to increase the effectiveness of other investment.

Food Resource.
Farms produce Food. This is another resource that is used in “City Facilities” menu.
Keep investing your money, tycoon! I heard there is a Mine near the town. You know what to do!

Excellent Choice.
Your decision to invest in Mine was exquisite.
Mines produce Iron. You can use Iron at the Port Menu.

You won a Lab! your investor skills are no match.
Lab produces technology. You can use it on the “Atomic Lab” menu. Keep investing and you will unlock the rest of the town functions.

Claim Daily Gifts.
Visit the Daily Gifts tab inside the store every day and claim Holybars and Payouts.

It’s time for a manager.
You worked too hard to make a fortune.
Now it’s time to invest your Fee and hire a manager.

This is your total money.
They are generated from your businesses and they are needed in order to buy them more of them.

Buy Mode.
Click this button to select how many businesses you would like to buy with every click.

Happiness Bonus.
This is the happiness bonus. It goes up when you invest in Service Sector.
All the service sector business make more money by this number at the top.


Resources are generated by your Production Sector business.

They are used in some of your menus like City Facilities.

It’s time for a manager.

You worked too hard to make a fortune.

Now it’s time to invest your fee and hire a manager.

Login Bonus Info.

Every time you log in into the game during the event. the login bonus refreshes for another 12 hours.

You make 10% more money while you are online.

Event collectibles are generated every 4 minutes and 30 seconds while you are online.

Claim Fee.

Claim the fee you collected in this run in order to increase your bank account and be able to hire managers or do investments. In order to do that you have to start your career over.

You will lose: Money, Upgrades, Trophies, Port Level, All business, City level, Atomic Lab, and City Facilities.

Claim Fee and Start over Again: All resources will be sold at the port. So you might get higher fee than expected.

You will keep: Managers and Investments, Boosters, Payouts, Everything else in the store, Bank Account, and everything on evens menu.

Use Instant Claim Fee: You can also use instant claim fee and claim the fee without starting over again.

Holyday City Tycoon Redeem Code September 29 2021: PLANT, (Will Update Every Day).

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