Bathroom in Spanish

Spanish Bathroom Parts bathroom in Spanish and improve your vocabulary, learn to spell and pronounce the parts of the bathroom in a easy and simple way on this page.

If you are interested in learning other language, we recommend to learn the house parts in Portuguese language, because Spanish and Portuguese are similars language.

Learning the Spanish-bathroom vocabulary is very helpful especially for those people who travel constantly to Spanish speaker countries. If you want to enjoy some of the many attractions of for example a Latin American country, you will not want to have an embarrassing moment arguing for the bathroom things. This page will teach you the most Spanish bathroom words and phrases.

Bathroom Parts in Spanish

English Spanish
bathtub bañera
comb peine
faucet grifo
hairbrush cepillo de cabello
mirror espejo
shampoo champu
shower ducha
sink lavatorio
soap jabón
soap dish jabonera
sponge esponja
shaving cream crema de afeitar
razor navaja de afeitar
toilet inodoro
toilet paper papel higénico
toothbrush cepillo de dientes
toothpaste crema dental
towel toalla


  • I like the soap with perfume of roses.
  • Me gusta el jabón con perfume de rosas.

  • The bathroom faucet is failure.
  • El grifo del cuarto de baño se malogro.

  • The bathroom toilet paper is out.
  • El papel higiénico se terminó.

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