Definition: Spanish auxiliary verbs are special verbs which are combined with a part of main verb. An auxiliary verb gives to main verb some characteristic and it sometimes helps to make up a compound verb form.

Auxiliary Verbs in Spanish

Auxiliary verbs in Spanish: One can find three auxiliary verbs in Spanish Language .

To be To Have
Ser Estar Haber

Auxiliary verbs: Ser and Estar

Spanish has two auxiliaries "to be" they have very specific meanings which are not interchangeable, when a person describes itself, it is necessary to use several verbs; ser/estar (to be) are most frequent.


  • My Mother is cooking pasta.
  • Mi madre está cocinando Pasta

  • My father is engineer
  • Mi padre es ingeniero

  • Joseph is looking for a job
  • José está en busca de trabajo

  • The dog is barking
  • El perro está ladrando

  • My wife is angry because I went to play football last night
  • Mi esposa está enojada por que anoche fui a jugar futbol

Auxiliary verbs: Ser and Estar

Pronoun Present Past Future Conditional
I ---> yo soy fui seré sería
you ---> eres fuiste serás serías
He ---> él
She ---> ella
You ---> usted
es fue será sería
We ---> Nosotros somos fuimos seremos seríamos
You ---> Vosotros sois fuisteis seréis seríais
They ---> Ellos
son fueron serán serían

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