Ailments in Spanish

Spanish Ailments If you travel to spanish-speaking country, you could fall sick; so it's important to know the name of the most common ailments in Spanish for you receive a medical treatment or buy a medication in a pharmacy.

It's important to learn the name of the most common ailments in Spanish and other language, because anyone is free to acquire an unusual ailment. If one travel to a Spanish-speaking country and need medical assistance, because one gets an ailment, one will need to tell the doctor what ailment is it in Spanish language. One can solve this problem by learning the names of some ailments in the following table.

Illnesses in Spanish

Main Emergency Service Functions
Aches Dolores Acne Acné
Addictions Adicciones Allergies Alergias
Anemia Anemia Anorexia Anorexia
Anxiety Ansiedad Back Problems Problemas de espalda
Bites Picaduras High blood pressure Presion alta
Breathing problems Problemas respiratorios Bronchitis Bronquitis
Cataracts Cataratas Cerebral palsy Parálisis cerebral
Cholesterol Coresterol Colds Resfriados
Colic Cólico Coughs Tos
Cuts Cortes Deafness Sordera
Depression Depreción Diabetes Diabetes
Diarrhea Diarrea Dizziness Mareo, vértigo
Fainting Desmayo Fever Fiebre
Flu Gripe Headaches Dolores de cabeza
Heart problems Problemas cardiacos Heartburn Acidez
Hemorrhoids Hemorroides Hernia Hernia
Hyperactivity Hiperactividad Hyperventilation Hiperventilación
Impotence Impotencia Indigestion Indigestión
Infections Infecciones Insomnia Insomnio
Menopause Menopausia Migraine Migraña
Nail biting Morderse las uñas Nausea Náuseas
Nervousness Nerviosismo Nose bleeds Sangrado de nariz
Overweight Sobrepeso Pain Dolor
Pink eye Conjuntivitis Pneumonia Neumonia
Quiver Estremecimiento Rash Sarpullido
Rheumatism Reumatismo Seizures Convulsiones
Senility Senilidad Slipped disc Hernia discal
Snoring Ronquidos Sore throat Dolor de garganta
Spasms Espasmos Sprains Esguinces
Stomach problems Problemas estomacales Stuttering Tartamudeo
Tumors Tumores Ulcers Ulceras
Urinary infections Infecciones urinarias Varicose veins Varices
Venereal disease Enfemedades venéreas Vomiting Vómito
Warts Verrugas Xenophobia Xenofobia


  • I have flu because I was walking in the rain.
  • Tengo gripe porque estaba caminando en la lluvia.

  • You need to eat less because you have overweight.
  • Necesitas comer menos porque tienes sobrepeso.

  • I have a headache so I need to rest.
  • Me duele la cabeza asi que tengo que descansar.

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