Advanced Spanish grammar request mode II

I want you to know the truth:

quiero que sabes la verdad (wrong)

quiero que SEPAS la verdad ( right )

I want you to kiss me:

quiero que me besas (wrong)

quiero que me beses ( right )

I want you to keep quiet: quiero que te calles

I don’t want him to come: no quiero que venga

Espero que me digas la verdad: I hope you tell me the truth

Es necesaria que trabajes : You have to work

Es posible que sea campeon Beşiktaş : Likely Beşiktaş champion

Or you can make your own opposite comment to this comment and express your opinion:

Es preferable que no sea campeon Beşiktaş. : I prefer, Beşiktaş is not a champion

Same time

Dudo que sea campeon BJK You can also express your doubts by saying:.

Using this attraction, you can do many things; You can explain your ambitions, your passions, your ambitions.

Let me say two more points that we should never forget.

Always connect sentences with a QUE connector.

Keep in mind that

The actions mentioned in the wish mode of the present tense are not the actions that have been done, done, finished.

It indicates the actions that are desired or to be realized, just in case, on a contingent condition, and in the event that these actions have taken place, they can also explain the psychological effects to the person.

For example, we can be sorry that someone who is going to go or who is likely to go will go with this time shot:

Siento que te vayas : i feel sorry you will leave or i feel sorry you leave…

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