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A101 Current Products Catalog – This Week in A101

A101, which has become widespread rapidly in the past years and has been serving with thousands of branches from all over our country, offers many useful products with prices that will surprise and enchant consumers with its products under the name Aktüel. A101 Current products Not only does it meet the needs of many consumers, it offers a great advantage thanks to the fact that products are often offered for sale at a much lower than market value.

These products, which are only offered at certain intervals and mostly delivered to us over a certain stock number, cause many consumers to queue before the opening of the store. Offered in limited numbers and offered to consumers with an affordable price concept A101 Current products We will talk about some of the issues that are curious about and that we think are stuck in your mind later in our article.

A101 Current Products

The A101, which has managed to rise to an important position in the market with BİM, which we can see as its biggest competitor in recent years, continues to serve with the understanding of affordable prices for consumers who have the biggest role in this success. In this context, the products offered under the name of Actual products, which we have introduced to us and can be named as campaign products in certain periods, are offered at much more affordable prices considering the market values. Among these products, it is possible to find products in almost every subject from food to electronics. Cell phones and televisions are among them.

These products offered with A101 assurance and official manufacturers Warranty A101 Current Products The catalog is one of the sales lists that many curious consumers follow closely and are eagerly awaiting the sales day. Many consumers A101 current products this week by searching for what is available, it monitors whether a product it needs will be offered at an affordable price in the current products list.

A101 Current Products Catalog

A101 Why Are Current Products Cheap?

A101 Current Products This WeekThere are many reasons behind the cheapness of the products offered to the consumer on the A101 Current Products list. The main reason is, of course, attracting new customers and increasing the loyalty of existing customers. In addition to being an important advertising work, it is to reach potential customers who need related products and to ensure that these customers meet their other needs other than the products in the Actual catalog from A101 markets.

Another reason behind the cheapness of these products, which are offered for sale with lower profit rates, is that small markets and individuals want to buy some products (for example water) in low quantities 1. The amount to pay at the time of disposal is 1 TL per product, while the A101 is to buy 100,000 of this product. If the main seller expresses his / her wishes, the main seller will sell this product at values ​​such as 0.50 – 0.70 TL instead of 1 TL. In this case, the A101 will continue to make a profit by bringing this product to the consumer for 0.80 TL, while at the same time it will be able to realize a large-scale, continuous advertising campaign.

The main purpose of A101, which is a supermarket chain that adopts the “Hard Discount” approach, has adopted the understanding of bringing products to consumers at the highest discount amount and reasonable price. These campaign products, known to us as A101 Actual, are “A101 DealsMeets under the title ”. Rather than the actual word “OpportunityDrawing attention to the word ”, A101 aims to get along better with consumers and draw their attention to these brochures.

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