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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

A Guide to writing good email…. and blog posts?

There’s a nice post over at blue flavor on how to write good email – an author’s guide which as someone who gets a lot of email I wish everyone would read. It’s got some great common sense tips.

I wonder if there are a few good tips for bloggers writing blog posts buried away within it also? Here’s a few that I’ve tweaked to see if they might apply:

On Brevity

“Short emails blog posts rule. When I get come across an email a blog post that’s several pages long, I have to make some decisions: do I have time to handle this now? Is it important enough to come back to? Can I pass it on to someone else? If I can’t say yes to any of these, I will probably never get back to read it.”

On Context

“And for god’s sake, have a subject line good title. One that makes sense. Some of the most important emails blog posts I’ve received seen didn’t have a subject good title, and they almost fell through as a result…. Remember that on recipients’ screens, your subject title competes with a large number of others for their attention.”

On Giving Recipients Something to Act On

“Don’t give people an excuse to misread you. If you’ve written a request at the end of a long paragraph, or been passive (“it’d be nice if somebody could…”), it’s likely to have been missed on the receiver’s end. If you sent an email, you have a point. Get to it.”

Perhaps I’m stretching things a little far – if nothing else it’s a good post on writing emails which just might contain some helpful hints for blog writing also.

Found via Lifehacker

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