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9 Best Tips for City Defense, Redeem Gift Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

Age of Z Tip #1: Alliance.
Each alliance member can tap the Help button to reduce their allies task time.
When you’re upgrading buildings or healing wounded soldiers, you can ask your allies for help to reduce the time required.
The number of allies that can help you and the amount of time they reduce is controlled by your relevant Alliance Technology.

Age of Z Tip #2: Officers.
A max of 6 Officers can be appointed.
You can increase an Officer’s Mastery by raising your Officer’s level or Star Rank.
The higher you’r officer’s Mastery, the more effective their skills are.
Officers can learn new Skills. Acquired Skills can be upgraded or forgotten.

Age of Z Tip #3: Quests.
Complete quests to earn rich rewards! Quest Rewards are helpful when you’re lacking resources.
It’s best to complete your Recommended Quest first.

Age of Z Tip #4: Nation Progress.

Overcoming the zombie crisis and restoring human civilization will require several Phases.

Multiple requirements are needed to complete each World Phase. All players must work together to achieve them.

After all conditions are met, the next World Phase will activate once the current Phase ends.

If the conditions are not met within the specified time, the world will be forced into the next stage after a certain period of time.

Each new phase will unlock new gameplay and benefits.

More and more phases will continue to be added.

Age of Z Tip #5: Recover.

When defending your City or attacking a Monster, your troops will be Wounded and await healing.

If your Max Wounded capacity is full, then additional Wounded troops above capacity will die without being healed.

Thus, please heal wounded as soon as possible.

Age of Z Tip #6: Houses.

Houses increase your max number of Refugees.

Increasing your Refugee population increases you city’s Prosperity level, which improves your Resource Gathering efficiency and Building Upgrade Speed.

Refugees can be rescues in Adventures on the World Map, during Events, and other gameplay.

If your city is invaded, your Refugee population will decrease.

If your Refugee population falls below the number required for your current Prosperity level, your Prosperity level will fall accordingly.

Age of Z Tip #7: Login Daily.

You can collect one Sign-In Reward each day.

You can collect up to 7 consecutive Sign-Ins. The more Sign-Ins, the greater the rewards.

If you miss a day or reach 7 full days, the sign in rewards will be reset.

Age of Z Tip #8: City Defense.

After your city has been attacked, your City Wall will burn and your City Durability over time.

When your city durability reaches 0, you’ll be forced to relocate your city.

Age of Z Tip #9: Academy.

You can research all sorts of technology in the Academy. Upgrade the Academy to unlock higher level technologies.

Military Technology: Includes technology related to battle and building your army.

Resource Technology: Includes resource output, gathering and other production technologies.

Development Technology: Includes healing, fleets, building, and other supportive technologies.

Defense Technology: Includes some defensive technologies and technology for leveling up Defense Tower.


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