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9 Best HR Podcasts

What makes a boring commute bearable, or tedious chores like doing the dishes or folding laundry less excruciating?

Taking your mind off the monotonous task, and energizing it with something mentally stimulating, educational, and professionally relevant all at once.

Something like a podcast!

Why you should listen

When I listen to podcasts, they tend to be for entertainment purposes (like Welcome to Nightvale or The Adventure Zone). Outside of the entertainment arena, though, there are a wealth of specific, focused podcasts that can educate you and help develop your career.

Check out our list of the top nine human resources podcasts (presented in alphabetical order) to maximize your waking hours and avoid wasting your downtime on the road or in front of the kitchen sink.

Learn about the latest talent management news, hottest recruiting developments, and applicant tracking best practices to stay ahead of the curve and cement your place as an HR professional on top of their game.

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD)—a European HR association with more than 130,000 members—puts out this monthly podcast on all things HR-related. Topics covered include trends in family friendly workplaces, interviews with HR professionals (like the HR information and analytics director at Unilever), and original research on things like barriers to leadership. Tune in for a distinctly U.K. take on HR with broadly applicable lessons.

If you’re not from the U.S. and are sick of reading about it, I’ve got a podcast for you. Focusing on specific topics like the U.K.’s National Living Wage as well as general subjects like discrimination in the office and how to deal with e-cigarettes at work, this podcast deals with HR from a distinctly U.K. point of view. Most episodes are focused on U.K. employment law, so it’ll be most helpful if you live and work in the United Kingdom.

Looking for a podcast that’s recruiting focused? Hiring on All Cylinders’ weekly episodes discuss various methods and focuses in the hiring world, including recruitment technology, interview processes, and follow-ups.

Formatted as panel discussions, Hire Up offers intermittent episodes where a group discusses topics such as professional development, training, and employee risk mitigation. Launched as a weekly show, the production schedule has slowed to monthly episodes over the past year.

Calling themselves “the longest running and top downloaded HR podcast,” HR Happy Hour features two HR industry experts discussing HR tech, leadership, and management. Episodes are released weekly.

HR Works is a bi-weekly podcast started in 2014 that discusses topics including office communication, hiring, and human resources and talent management issues in the news. Many of the episodes focus on interpersonal relationships and wellness in the office.

If you have a small business or work at one, you’ll appreciate this ground-up approach to HR. From the basics of how to create an onboarding process to increasing employee engagement, as well as timely topics like how to deal with bullying in the workplace, this is the talent management education every small business owner needs. Episodes are released twice a month.

Covering everything from recruiting and talent management to HR technology, these short episodes (typically running 30 minutes) are a nice lunch break size. The podcast has been around since 2013, has a backlog of over 300 episodes, and publishes in multi-day bursts every few months.

This podcast from Mark Stipic tackles the potentially boring topic of worker’s comp by hosting a bevy of informative return to work professionals as guests. RTW Nation has a new episode every week or so, but has been known to go on haitus. Past episode subjects include rehabilitating injured workers, ergonomics at the office, and using sports medicine principles for work injuries.


Don’t see your favorite HR or talent management podcast on the list above? Did I miss a crucial thought leader? Add them in the comments or tweet me @ “That Works” – SLGHalden.

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