7 Key Tips for Work-Private Life Balance

Is it possible to get rid of a life stuck on annual leave? And how’s it going around the world? Did you know that Germany is the second least studied country in the world? (average 1,413 hours per year) The least studied country is the Netherlands (1,379 hours). In Turkey, people (12 million employees) work more than 58 working days from Germany (1,877 hours per year). When that happens, I think we need to examine a little bit where we made mistakes.

1) Make conscious choices about what you want in life)
Instead of letting life go, have clear ideas about what you want and expect from life. Try to determine how you spend your time accordingly. Talk to important people in your life (your lover/spouse, family elders, close colleagues) and exchange ideas about this. Decide what really matters and means to you. Then set yourself a road map and stick to it.

2) Talk regularly about what’s working and what isn’t)
Keep in mind that when you put your roadmap into practice, many people will push this map. Stay in constant contact with the important and caring people in your life. Discuss the blocked points that work and don’t work on your roadmap. Feel free to make corrections or updates. As long as you don’t move away from the original target. If you’re in an environment you don’t want to be in for a long time, consider changing location and location if necessary.

3) Take time to your family, friends and hobby (Set aside time for family, friends and important interests)
Don’t waste any time left over from work for your loved ones. Plan a proper time to spend time with them and try not to compromise on this even if there’s an emergency for work. Take care not to regret it afterwards. Remember, the only thing that can’t be brought back is time.

4) Determine your own approach to success (Set your own parameters around success)
Have a strong perception of who you are, your values, and what’s really important. If you use this as a guide for everything you do, you also define what real success is for you. Know what makes you happy and involve it as much as possible in your life. Even if this is judged by others as if you were stuck between work and life, do not give up your approach.

5) Stay away from distractions (Turn off distractions)
Be careful to turn off or at least mute your electronic devices (laptops, pcs, tablets, phones, etc.) at your out-of-work times. Know that doing a lot of things at the same time (multitasking) isn’t very efficient, and just focus on what you’re doing at that moment. Keep in mind that music, meditation (yoga, reiki, etc.) and sport will take you away from daily stress and improve your performance during work hours.

6) Have goals aligned with pursuing your passion to keep you going after your passions
Many people can find themselves at a point where life is losing control. Your job is not to focus on where you’re going in the final, not that moment. If you think you’ll get what you want in the end, feel free to make some sacrifices at that moment. For example, entrepreneurs often work their nights by adding them to their day and night in the early periods where they have just established their work, but they can gradually reduce the time they will take to work because they put their work back on track after a certain period of time.

7) Get a strong support network (Develope a strong support network)
Increase the number of acquaintances you can get help in difficult times. And for that, don’t forget to be with your acquaintances during difficult times. Be careful not to have a good day, but a black day friendly. However, diversify your interests (business and hobbies) and strengthen your communication network. Be open and enthusiastic to learn new things (knowledge and skill). In a nutshell, try to expand your environment.

All of this aside, perhaps the most important clue is that you have a job to love. While we’re not as lucky as those who have a hobby job or make money from their hobby, we have a business environment and career development that we’ll at least be happy to spend time with certain choices and certain sacrifices. Let’s not forget that happiness is not a chance, it’s a choice. As long as you don’t put it off, because life won’t come to procrastination.

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(General Source: Harvey Deutschendorf, FastCompany – Translation: Arif Gokhan RAKICI)

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