6 Best Tips for Soccer Manager 2021, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

SM 20 | Android/iOS Tip #1: Tactics.

The Tactics screen allows you to control your teams tactics, including play style and formations.
You can make substitutions by dragging and dropping players onto the pitch.
These settings allow you to make substitutions, change formation, set detailed instructions and assign
player roles.
Player names in white mean that the player is in their correct position.
Player names in red or orange mean the player is in an incorrect position.
The bar and small arrows on each player icon represent their fitness and morale.
Use the Auto Pick button to automatically choose your best players.

SM 20 | Android/iPhone/iPad Tip #2: Facilities.

Your Facilities Screen shows all the essential information about your club’s facilities, including: (Stadium), (Training), (Youth
Academy), (Scouting Network), [Club Zone).
Use your club’s cash to upgrade these facilities and develop your club.
Use the Toggle View button to switch between views.
The Training facility allows you to choose training for the coming days, to increase your players’ attributes.
Each drill boosts a different attribute.
You can rest players to increase their fitness and reduce the risk of injury.
No training occurs on match days. You can also use cash to upgrade specific areas of this facility.
The Stadium facility allows you to build and upgrade the different parts of your stadium, to increase capacity, attendance and revenue.
The Scouting facility allows you to send your club’s scouts on scouting assignments.
Use the upgrade screen to increase your scouts’ effectiveness and capabilities.
The Youth Academy identifies young players and promotes them to your first team.
You can upgrade these facilities to increase the size and quality of your youth academy.
The Club Zone facility allows you to upgrade areas and facilities around your clubs’ ground, to increase revenue and club fame.

SM 2021 | Mobile Tip #3: Competitions.

The Competitions Screen shows essential information about all the competitions that are occurring in the
countries that you have selected.
You can view tables, statistics and fixtures for your league, cups and continental competitions.
Select the league logo button to select different leagues in the countries that you have selected.

Soccer Manager 2021 Tip #4: Transfers.

The Transfers Screen shows players who are available for transfer or loan, and free agents.
You can view your short list, which stores players you have shown an interest in.
You can also view all the transfers that have occurred in the countries you have selected. Select any player
to view their profile.

SM 20 Tip #5: Home.

The Home Screen shows essential information about your league, upcoming games and important
Use the menu button in the top-left to explore the different menus.
Use the continue button to advance through the season.

SM 20 Tip #6: Match Settings.

Open the Match Settings menu to change the match view and change how quickly the match plays.
Select the Tactics button to open the Tactics screen.
This allows you to make substitutions and tactical changes.

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