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5 Tips for Hero Shards, Invite Codes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

Elora’s Raid | Android, iOS Tip #1: The Babel

1. Clearing the Trial Tower 1st time will receive Advance Gem as rewards, and clearing every 10 floor will be able to claim 1 extra clear rewards
2. 1st challenge of each floor does not
consume chances, and cleared floor can be purged, there are up to 2 times of free 10 purge chances daily
3. Free purge chances resets on 0000 daily
4. Able to consume diamond to purchase 10 challenge chances up to 3 times daily

Elora’s Raid | Android, iPhone, iPad Tip #2: Hero & Shard

1. A certain amount of Advance Gem and other Hero cultivation material can be earned from Hero Sacrifice Hero Shop
2. After sacrificing the Hero, all consumed material(including upgrade, advance and start-up material), gear and rune will be returned 3. Sacrificing Hero shard to earn a small amount of resources

Elora’s Raid | Mobile Game Tip #3: Invite Codes

– Invite Codes are unique to each character.
– Codes may only be redeemed by the first character of an account.
– You can send the code to as many people you want, but only 20 characters accounts may redeem the code.
– When a character that has redeemed the code completes an Invite Code objective, you’ll get a reward.
(Max 20 times for each objective)
– You may check their progress in the Friends Invited” screen.

Elora’s Raid by Eyougame Tip #4: Guild Skill

1.Warrior, Mage, Tank, Support 4 classes corresponds to their Guild Skill, where each only buffs a specific class
2. Activate each class skill to unlock next skill level v.24
3. Player who exits the guild loses Guild Skill effect; The effect will come to effect again upon joining next guild with its progression carried over
4. Set Guild skill can be reset, upon which the class skill level is cleared with 50% of Goldand 100% Guild Contri. 5200 5,200 age consumed returned. The higher the skill total level, the more Diamonds consumed upon reset, first rest only consumes 300 Diamonds

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