5 Cities To Visit In France

France is one of the countries that has adorned most of us’ dreams. When we say France, the first city that comes to mind is Paris, of course. Then let’s do a short tour of France that starts with Paris.


This beautiful city, the capital of France, is home to the country’s most touristy city with its magical streets and impressive museums. The Louvre Museum, Musee de la Musiqa and Petit Palais are just a few of them. If you’re more of a shopper, champs-elysees street is perfect for you! Especially Galeries Lafayette, who is waiting for you to get lost and shop like crazy. Not to mention that you’re not going to pay taxes on what you get here. If you’re looking for cheese, alcohol, fruit, it’s definitely rue mouffetard territory. Here you can also find symbolic things from Paris.


If you like port cities, this beautiful Mediterranean city can throw the pontoon of Paris. You’re going to love the VilleFranche beach in particular. You must start at Nice Castle in the highest place in the city to discover this beauty. And remember St. Nicholas Cathedral, of course. If you like museum sightseeing, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, marc chagall museum and villa massena museums are highly recommended. Cours Saleya and Old Nice City are the right places to shop, but I say don’t come back from the famous Nice Flower Market without local soaps, cheeses and drinks. If you’re looking for more options, stop by Jean Medicine. Rue Massena & Rue Paradis Avenue offers a nice area to visit comfortably as it is closed to traffic. You can spend some time in the cafes here and distract you.


If you call eating a love for me, welcome to Lyon! But it’s hard to walk around with a full stomach, first of all, in the Place des Terreauxma, which is considered the center of the city, to go around and explore the cafes and restaurants here. In fact, if you’re lucky, you can run into one of the concerts held here. Among us, you can also have the best profile photo of your life in front of bartholdi fountain. Our next stop is the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourviere; A little tip about this place, don’t try to get up the stairs. Musee Miniature & Cinema, of course, is where it should not be seen. But I think the best thing is to set up your trip to the Lyon Light Festival. Have fun at the festival already!


When I say Bordeaux, I can hear you all say wine. If you like raki-arugula-fish trio, try the oyster-wine-Canele trio. Canele is a kind of french cuisine dessert; it tastes like vanilla and whisk. I mean, Caneles Baillardran is definitely a dessert that needs to be taken as a gift. If you drop the food and go down to the seaside for a while, you’ll love Dune du Pilat. It is one of the most beautiful places in Bordeaux and is referred to as the ‘desert next to the ocean’. When you see it, you’ll know what I mean. Let’s continue with the Triangle d’Or, then, as you can tell by its name, this triangular area is the most expensive place in the city. Notre Dame Church is also here. Porte Caillou and the Grand Theatre should be your next stop.


Next up is France’s second largest city, let’s start with the Port of Vieux, one of the most magical places in Marseille, and the Old Port, aka. After we see this place, we’ll go to joliette territory and let ourselves go shopping. There’s no way you’re cooked with what you get from the fancy boutiques here. Haussmann-style buildings, which you can see while touring the area, are also worth a visit. Savon de Marseille, i.e. the traditional Marseille soap, is definitely among the gifts you should buy. You can buy them from the stalls around Vieux Harbour. You’ll also love miniatures called Santon. At first glance may sound a little expensive, but it will definitely be a nice moment and a gift. The cicada-themed products, which are the symbol of Marseille, can also be found in different parts of the city.

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