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Doom Blitz Tip #1: Buildings.
All the buildings in the game were designed by Roman architecture, and at the beginning of the game, there are lots of open Spaces in the city, and you need to build it yourself.

You can follow the guide to build the building.
Buildings in the city:
#Barracks, Stables, Range, chariot factory– train infantry, cavalry, archer and chariot;
Pitfall yard — build defensive facilities;
Embassy – Increase the number of reinforcements, the limit of help received and the help effects by upgrading the embassy level;
Hall of Military – you and your allies can gather together and form a powerful team to attack enemies;
Tavern–  recruit and upgrade heroes;
Farm, Timber yard–  produce, store food and timber;
March Tent — the level of the marching tent determines the speed and quantity of training;
Wounded Camp– the level of the wounded camp determines the number of wounded troops;
Click the icon “world” icon to enter another interface.
Buildings on the map:
Resource point– farm, timber yard, iron yard, silver yard;
Barbarian– attack Barbarians,and have the opportunity to drop a variety of rewards;
Ruin — You could get all kind of material needed for hero growth.

Researching technology properly in the Academy to accelerate the development of the empire, and enhance your strength.
Currently, there are four scientific in our game. If you are a peace lover, you can choose to study resources first, laying a solid foundation for the development of the empire. Of course, the empire development and defense are extremely important, and empire stability is the premise.
If you are an ambitious archon, then developing the military is your inevitable choice, and you will need a strong military system to overcome any enemy. The four technologies reinforce each other, helping the empire to become stronger.

Doom Blitz Tip #2: Alliance and Hero
If you want to be stronger in AOE, you should be sure to join a strong alliance.
You will receive invitations from the alliances for inviting you to join, you can choose one of them, or you can click the icon “alliance”, there are a lot of alliance, you are free to choose.
You can make a lot of friends here, and when your empire is attacked, or you want to attack other empires, they can send troops to help you. You can do the mission together to get more rewards and resources, so you can increase the strength of the army and increase the archon power. We will continue to carry out activities. Of course,There will be competitions between the alliances, and there will be plenty of rewards for you!

The hero system is the most characteristic of AOE.
First find the Tavern, you can click the icon “recruit”, recruit kinds of heroes here. Currently there are 20 heroes in the game, each hero’s skill is different, the more stars, the more powerful.
The hero has three basic attributes: attack, defense and blood. Lv. 1 heroes have only one skill, but they automatically unlock other skills when their level reach 8 and 30. Of course, every hero’s skill is different, and it has different effects.You can also click the icon “hero”, upgrade the hero’s level by using the materials EXP,the higher level heroes you have, the more benefit you will get in the battlefield.

Doom Blitz Tip #3: A Peace Lover OR an Ambitious Archon
Are you a peace lover or an ambitious Archon? Do you want to be friendly with players, or grab more resources and become the strongest? All you want, you can do it in AOE. Choose the path you like! So, we’re going to talk about it today.

If you are a peace lover, you can gather resources to upgrade your castle, join the alliance, help each other with your Allies, and develop together, perhaps the Leader will protect you at a critical moment. Take part in events in game or on FB/VK to win more awards to develop your empire. In the Academy, you can give priority to research resources, laying a solid foundation for the development of the empire. Of course, the development and defense are also important,and empire stability is the premise. You need to have enough soldiers to defend your city and against the enemy’s attack. You can also use a peace pact.

If you are an ambitious Archon, it is your goal to be the strongest Archon. Then you can improve your powers by upgrading your castle, training army, and recruiting heroes. You can focus on military research in Academy, and of course others are also important. Attacking others’ castles can rob a lot of resources and also bring danger to yourself. So you need to study the city’s defenses and build traps to against the enemy. You can creat your own alliance and become an ally. Invite archon who have much power to join your alliance and become your good assistant.
Which way you going to choose?

Doom Blitz Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dihong.dbl

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