Month: July 2020

The Most Overlooked Hotel Management Technology

Guest request management, or as some call it, guest experience management, is an important part of hotel management because it underpins guest service. Yet hotels often fail to prioritize it with the right technological tools. As digital communication channels have proliferated, guest request management has become commensurately more complex.  Guests can request services, information or amenities …

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Bailar – to dance – SLG

Spanish Verb Conjugations Present tense Subjunctive yo bailo   nosotros bailamos   yo baile   nosotros bailemos tú bailas   vosotros bailáis tú bailes   vosotros bailéis él  baila   ellos  bailan él  baile   ellos  bailen         Pretérito Imperfect yo bailé   nosotros bailamos yo bailaba   nosotros bailábamos tú bailaste …

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