Month: May 2007

Spanish Literature

SPANISH LITERATURE When people talks about Spanish literature, they don’t know how to begin because Spanish literature have a lot of authors. We can begin talking about the most famous Spanish poem: Cantar de Mío Cid (wrote in 12th century), it talks about the life of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, a national hero, named as Cid Campeador. The epic poems from the 13th …

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Spanish Job Application

SPANISH JOB APPLICATION  Spanish is a language that is very popular in these countries and without proper knowledge of the Spanish language, finding a job and filling out the application is difficult without knowing any Spanish. Why Fill Out Applications in Spanish? The ability to fill out Spanish applications gives those people looking for jobs …

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Venus – Ruben Dario

VENUS Ruben Dario wrote many love sonnets; one of them is Venus a romantic poem inspired by the planet Venus. He tries to talk with it like a woman that inspirits his great love. Spanish Poems Venus En la tranquila noche, mis nostalgias amargas sufría.En busca de quietud,bajé al fresco y callado jardín.En el oscuro cielo, …

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