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13% of “That Work” – SLG Readers Own 10 or More Blogs

This week’s poll of the week has certainly produced some interesting results.

The question was ‘How Many Blogs Do You Own?’

Here’s the results in graphical form.


The results surprised me a little. For starters it’s the biggest response I’ve ever had to a poll with 940 responses so far. I’m tempted to leave it up until we reach 1000 (just because I’d like to see it tick over into 4 figures) but won’t indulge myself and will start another poll shortly.

Getting on to the actual results of the poll:

I’m not really that surprised that the biggest category was people responding by saying that they owned only 1 blog (32% of respondents). The shape of the graph is fairly predictable in some senses although I was a little taken a back by the 10+ category. 13% of respondents have more than 10 blogs. Over 1 in 10 of you are doing some heavy levels of blogging (of course this is if you’re keeping them all up to date)! I suspect this number is higher than what we’d find in a similar survey across the whole blogosphere as one strategy that many bloggers attempting to make a living from blogging use is multiple blogs.

The vast majority of “That Work” – readers however are blogging with less than 10 blogs. 66% have 3 blogs or less, 75% have 4 blogs or less and 80% have 5 blogs or less.

update: thanks to the numerous people who suggested a ‘0’ blogs category. I know of a few people who would have voted this way – it was an oversite that I made in setting up the poll and I didn’t realise until several hundred votes were already cast. My apologies – next time I’ll add such a category.

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