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12 Hours To Go to Win a Flip in the BlogMastermind Competition (plus a new bonus)

36 hours ago I announced the re-launch of Yaro’s BlogMastermind Blog Mentoring program.

As part of my promotion of it I offered any “That Work” – SLG reader who signs up the chance to win one of six prizes.

First prize is a Flip Video Mino Series Camcorder (worth $179) and 5 runners up will win a copy of the “That Work” – SLG book. The deadline to be included to win was 48 hours from when BlogMastermind opened it’s doors. This is in 12 hours from now.

So – to be in the running to win the Flip or a book you need to sign up soon.

What are your chances of winning?

To this point I’ve referred around 20 people to BlogMastermind – so you’ve got better than a 1 in 4 chance of winning at least something and a 1 in 20 chance of winning yourself a spiffy little new video camera.

Yaro tells me that over 200 people have already signed up – so BlogMastermind is truly cranking again.

Another Bonus – Get an Hour of My Time If You Sign Up for Six Months

Yaro offers three options at three different price points to invest in the BlogMastermind Program. For anyone who signs up via my affiliate links for option 2 (the six months all at once) or option 3 (the six months plus access to his next course) I am going to throw in one hour of time with me.

You can use this hour in a number of ways (happy to negotiate something that works for you):

  • I can write a short report/review of your blog (I’d recommend that you have this done after you’ve been in BlogMastermind for a month or two and have implemented some of Yaro’s strategies)
  • We can spend an hour on skype with each other in a consulting session (again – probably best after you’ve been in BlogMastermind for a while so you can implement things.
  • I could write a post for your blog (subject to whether the topic is one that I feel able to write about) or be interviewed on your blog (again subject to whether it’s a topic that I feel able to respond to questions on)

Signup for BlogMastermind here to qualify

The only conditions that I’ll put on this ‘one hour bonus’ is that you need to signup for BM by the end of August to get it and you need to stay in the course for 31 days before claiming it as Yaro does offer a 30 day money back guarantee (which he honors) so if you don’t end up paying for BlogMastermind it’s not really fair to get the bonus.

Update: This competition is now over. I’ve chosen winners and will announce them on the blog tonight (my time). The bonus 1 hour consulting offer is still valid til the end of August.

UPDATE 2: My 1 hour coaching bonus is now also closed. You can still enroll for Blog Mastermind – but the bonuses that I mention above are no longer valid.

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