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10 Best Event Management Blog Posts of 2015

2015 is quickly coming to a close and this year we’ve shared and seen a lot of content that has been helpful and popular for event planners and managers alike.

To wrap up the year we put together a list of five of the best posts from the top event management blogs on the web, as well as the top five “That Works” – SLG event management blog pieces of 2015 based on number of social shares, in case you missed any of them!

Top Event Posts of 2015

Bizzabo: The Top Tech Conferences of 2016

Everything in our world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, including the event management sphere. Bizzabo has compiled a list of the top tech conferences of the upcoming year, so be sure not to miss any of them!

Event Manager Blog: First Impressions Count – Make Sure Your Event Attendees Have a Great One!

First impressions are always the most important, even when it comes to first time attendees for your big event. First impressions can determine whether or not those attendees decide to show up next time, so here are tips on how to make sure your first impression is a good one!

Velvet Chainsaw: Use Social Proof to Increase Conference Registrations

We typically don’t answer emails or phone calls from numbers and addresses that we aren’t familiar with, and this kind of unfamiliarity can have a detrimental effect when trying to invite others to your upcoming event. This guide will teach you how to use “social proof” (testimonials, reviews, familiar figures, etc.) to make sure that your conference or event isn’t ignored.

Bizbash: The Best and Worst Event Stories of 2015

The best way to learn is to learn from others. Bizbash has compiled some of the best and worst event stories of 2015 so that you can draw from their experiences and make sure you don’t fall down in similar fashion!

Event Planning for your Ears

Now, this is not a singular blog post or article, instead this is a feed of solid event planning advice and ideas all recorded in audio format for you to consume during your daily activities. We didn’t have much to go off of to determine the most popular piece, however the information shared on this site seemed too valuable to simply sweep to the wayside. So, happy listening and learning!

Top Five “That Works” – SLG Event Posts

1. The Top 14 Event Management Statistics Every Event Planner Needs to Know

Trends are constantly changing from year to year. Air travel, ticket prices, consumer interests, etc. What better way to make sure that your event management game is on point than to learn the numbers behindfind out what the biggest trends in event management are for the entire year?

2. 12 Ways to Cut Down your Event Budget

When you’ are planning events, all you dowill be doing will revolve around how much money you have to spend and how much your event necessities costof it you will be planning to spend. Budgets become your life as an event planner. Here you will find out twelve key tips to cutting down your event budget!

3. How To Get More Customers For Your Event Venue

Hannah Ostroff explains how to get more customers to your venue, based on her experiences with booking a venue for her own wedding. Tips range from simple things like “being ridiculously helpful” to ways to have bring more attention to detail.

4. How To Use Facebook For Event Planning

Facebook is the single largest social media venue in use today. It’s uses stretch far and wide, from connecting old friends to making others aware of big life events. It can also be an invaluable tool for planning your next event!

5. Breaking News! How To Earn Media Attention For Your Event

What good is an event that no one knows about? Earned media attention can do wonders for your current event and for future events. Here is how you can have to press beating down your door!


Was there an article or blog piece that caught your attention that wasn’t on this list but you felt that it deserved a spot? Let us know in the comments below!

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