Spanish Christmas carols are songs, simple in form and content, expression joyful religious feeling. The form itself is closely akin to that of the ballad and has string folk roots. The origin and formation of the word “Carol” are uncertain. By some writers it is supposed to be of Latin, by others of Italian, by others of French, extraction: but whencesoever it was derived, and whatever may be its etymology, it has been long naturalized in our language, being familiarly used by Spenser, Shakespeare, Bacon, and, doubtless, other authors in the time of Queen Elizabeth.

Spanish Christmas Carols
Noche de Paz (Silent night)
Noche de paz, noche de amor,
Todo duerme en derredor.
Night of peace, night of love,
Everything sleeps around.
El Tamborilero (Little Drummer Boy)
El camino que lleva a Belén
baja hasta el valle
The road that leads to Bethlehem
Goes down up to the valley
Cascabel (Jingle Bells)
Ha llegado navidad,
la familia alegre está,
Christmas has come,
The family is cheerful,
Mi Burrito Sabanero (My little donkey)
Con mi burrito sabanero
voy camino de Belén
With my little donkey
I go way to Bethlehem
Los peces en el río (The fishes in the river)
La virgen se esta peinando
Entre cortina y cortina
The virgin is going combing
Between curtain and curtain
Campana sobre campana (Bells over bells)
Campana sobre campana
y sobre campana una
Bells over bells
and over bells one
Rodolfo el Reno (Rudolph the Reindeer)
Era Rodolfo el Reno
que tenía la nariz
Rodolfo was the Reindeer
what had the nose
Ven a Cantar (Come to Sing)
Otro año que queda atrás,
mil momentos que recordar.
Another year that stays behind,
thousand moments to be remembered
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